Our products power ordinary commerce.

In an extraordinary way.
Banks, Lenders, and ISOs
Autoboard simplifies application intake and automatically verifies information for a decision.
Keep your important data handy and secure to easily sign up for the services you need and love.
Cartwheel Register
Small Businesses
The world's first software-only checkout solution with no card swipers or POS terminals.
Build powerful applications on the same battle-tested stack our products use.
About us
We build financial technology for the Web 3.0 world.
Identity・Underwriting・Payments ・Computer Vision・Machine Learning・Blockchain・APIs
Our web and native apps, together with our patented computer vision and machine learning technologies, intersect with payments in many areas. We enable small businesses to sign up for and accept credit cards without any additional accessories – not even a credit card swiper; ISOs of all shapes and sizes to guide merchants through the application process to underwriting decision; non-profits and political campaigns to accept donations in the field; and developers to rapidly build secure and enterprise-grade applications using our APIs.
We are headquartered in the eclectic and historic Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas, Texas, less than one mile from downtown in a light-filled, fully renovated, gigabit fiber connected, exposed wood and steel-framed warehouse. The building was the original home of National Welding and Grinding Company and is owned by our CEO's family -- so it really is our home.
Backed by a team of executives, engineers, designers, directors, advisors, and investors who have worked for world-class organizations - including The White House, MINDBODY, Texas Instruments, USA Today, Amazon Web Services, Idealab, Bank of America, Barclays, BookMyShow, iSight Partners, Reddit, and the U.S. Department of Defense - the team brings deep experience in mobile, security, design, devops, payments, and software as a service.
William Cervin
CEO & Founder
A tech entrepreneur since age 17, William has served in various political, technical, and financial capacities inside The White House, Pentagon, U.S. Intelligence Community, BAE Systems, the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, and Silicon Valley Bank.
Kelly Cullum
VP Partnerships
In 2005, Kelly launched and managed the payments division at MINDBODY generating over half of the company’s revenue. As a precursor to Autoboard she started a sub-ISO, Moolah, to become more familiar with the requirements of ISOs and acquirers.
FinTech meets Social Mission
Good Returns
We believe that our amazing technology simply isn't enough.

Cartizen is joyfully committed to Good Returns, a network of businesses working together to solve the world's greatest problems by aligning existing market forces in ways that drive capital into sustainable social ventures. Through our apps and APIs, microloans to women entrepreneurs are funded by everyday transactions, which creates jobs and improves communities in the United States and abroad.

Our partnership with Good Returns empowers businesses to maximize their social impact without sacrificing their bottom line.
Built in the heart of American Commerce
Trust & Security
Encryption for Data-in-Transit
Encryption for Data-at-Rest
Redundancy, Business Continuity,
and Disaster Recovery

Encryption for Data-in-Transit

We utilize secure, encrypted, and authenticated connections with desktops, smartphones, and tablets for all sessions. Cartizen forces pinned HTTPS for all services, including our apps, public websites, and all of our brands’ public websites. We also use HSTS to ensure browsers interact with Cartizen properties only over HTTPS.  Our sites are regularly scanned and we use the most stringent encryption possible, which sometimes means we’ll ask you to upgrade your web browser. We regularly audit the details of our implementation: the certificates we serve, the certificate authorities we use, and the ciphers we support.


Cartizen publishes our Privacy Policy and relevant policies on our Legal section of our website.  We regularly update these policies to both industry best practice and security for all of our customers.

Encryption for Data-at-Rest

We encrypt our storage and databases with a minimum of 256-bit AES keys, and our infrastructure for handling sensitive data doesn't share any credentials with Cartizen’s other services (apps, APIs, websites, etc.). We follow bank-grade best practices.


As a result of our philosophy, preparedness, and architecture, we never store any payment card data at any time and we segregate sensitive data across our entire suite of apps and services, including our mobile apps and cloud software. Any device running our apps is effectively “dumb” and also never stores any payment or sensitive data. Therefore, we have drastically reduced the footprint of sensitive information


We operate on a need-to-know basis, whereby only employees who have both been background-checked and a have a direct need (such as system maintenance or upgrades) are allowed to access any areas with sensitive data.  Access to those sensitive environments require multi-factor authentication and every action within those environments is logged on a separate system with executive-only level access, which are also protected by strong passwords and multi-factored authentication.

Redundancy, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery

Detailed disaster recovery, business continuity, and incident response plans have been prepared to ensure proper protection of data in an emergency.  Our customers’ data is stored in secure, high availability data centers with logical and geographic redundancy.

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Legacy Products
Skip Wallet
Next-gen purchases, donations, and contributions wherever your mobile life takes you. With or without your phone.
Cartwheel Raise
Every staff member can instantly and securely accept credit cards for your organization.
Cartwheel Campaign
Political Campaigns
Every campaign staff member & volunteer becomes an instant fundraising opportunity.